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Don’t Drive Intexticated

Your safety, and the safety of family and friends, is at stake.

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Distracted Driving kills an average of 9 people and injures over 1,000 every day in America.  To focus attention on this deadly traffic safety issue, AAA has launched a “Don’t Drive Intexticated” campaign.

“Don’t Drive Intoxicated – Don’t Drive Intexticated” is the theme of AAA’s multi-faceted traffic safety effort created to help people change their behaviors and make distracted driving as socially unacceptable as drinking and driving.

In April, National Distracted Driving Month, our club is kicking off events that include law enforcement, elected officials, safety partners, and those whose lives have been tragically and forever changed by distracted driving.

Since AAA National Foundation for Traffic Safety research shows that drivers of all ages and backgrounds engage in this dangerous distracted activity, our events will be held in a wide variety of locations, from state capitols and high schools to colleges and deadly swaths of roadways.

Join us in our pledge to not drive intexticated.

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