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Tori Marsh, MPH, is on the Research team at GoodRx and is the resident expert on drug pricing and savings.

Picture this: You go to the pharmacy to pick up a generic medication (the affordable version of a brand drug that your doctor swore would be affordable), only to be quoted over $1,000 for a 30-day supply. 

Sounds bad, right? Unfortunately, this happens more often than you would think. 

In this scenario, that thousand dollar quote from the pharmacy would likely be the cash price. This is the price you’d pay if you didn’t have insurance, or if you had insurance but were in the deductible phase of your plan. High-deductible health plans that require patients to pay more out of pocket before coverage kicks in are unfortunately becoming more common, leaving many people exposed to the high cash prices of their prescription drugs.

Luckily, a GoodRx coupon can help you save—almost $2,000 per prescription in some cases. AAA members save even more with GoodRx. AAA and GoodRx partnered to create, a unique website that combines the great prices found on, plus exclusive savings for AAA members, all in one location. AAA members save an average of 67% on generic and brand drugs, even pet prescriptions!

This program is included in your AAA membership and is FREE for AAA members to use.

So how do you use GoodRx for AAA members? Enter your AAA membership number to compare prices on your medications at pharmacies near you. Print out, email, or text coupons to yourself to use at the pharmacy. Then, hand the coupon with your prescription to the pharmacist.

If you have insurance and your plan covers your medication, you may still want to check prices on GoodRx. In many cases, the price you’d pay out of pocket with a GoodRx coupon can be cheaper than insurance copays. Don’t forget to save your receipt! You can try submitting a claim for reimbursement to your insurance company or ask them to apply your cash payment to your deductible.

Remember: It’s always smart to check the GoodRx price for your medication before you pay for it at the pharmacy. AAA members can save even more at

Co-contributor: Clement B. Feyt, MPH. This article was originally published on August 13, 2019. Article has been edited for brevity. Unedited article can be found on the GoodRx blog:

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